Sara DuVall
Secretary of Treasurer

My name is Sara DuVall and I am second generation union member and a proud 24 year Teamster member of Local 89 in Louisville, Kentucky. I started working at UPS in September of 1996 and months before one of the largest private sector strikes in America. Like many other Teamsters, I supported the picket line with my fellow Teamsters. After the UPS Teamster strike ended, I started college and in 2001 finished my Associates in Arts. I focused on accounting and arts as my major and minor.

Once I graduated in 2001 with my degree, I started a career in finance and banking. In 2010, my husband who is also a long-standing member of Teamster Local 89, and I decided to start a family. In the years that followed, I had two daughters. All while maintaining my job at UPS and being a proud Teamster Local 89 member.

Recently I have been volunteering my services to the community by being a member of the Family Resource Center Advisory Counsel. This agency allows me to utilize my skills to help families in our community who face financial hardships during troubling times.

Today, I am running as the next Secretary of Treasurer of Teamster Local 89. I bring 12 years of banking and finance experience, 24 years as a Teamster Local 89 member, and a desire to inspire other young Teamster women to seek union careers. I will manage Local 89's resources responsibly and focus on eliminating wasteful spending.  I will also work on fixing the pension crisis.

Both Chris Cummins and I are running to end wasteful spending, restore a democratic system, and put members in the driving seat to fight for strong contracts.

I am asking for your Vote this December and to join me and Cummins to bring "Real Change" to Teamster Local 89.

Thank You!