Chris Cummins
Canidate for President Teamster Local 89

My name is Chris Cummins and I have been a member of Teamster Local 89 for over 23 years.   I started working at UPS in 1997 to pay for college.  In the years that followed, I acquired 4 degrees.  One being an MBA from Bellarmine University.  I also studied in Paris and Brussels and was awarded the European Business Environment Certification and I nearly completed the requirements for a Certified Financial Planner program.   

After graduation, I wanted to help our local community.  I created a researched based tutoring company to help low-income students.   Within a year, the Kentucky Department Education awarded my tutoring program SES status.   This status is only awarded to the best programs.  I negotiate hundreds of contracts with school districts in Kentucky and impacted Kentucky students over the years.  From the success in Kentucky, West Virginia granted me provider status.  Which allowed me to negotiate contracts with West Virginia School districts.  I ran this organization while maintaining my employment with UPS and being a proud Teamster.  

Today, I am running for President of Teamster Local 89.  Why?  The current leadership is not investing in building a strong membership.   The current local  89  leadership is weakening members' position to negotiate strong contracts by their  lack of investments in members, lack of encouraging a democratic system,  lack of transparency,  wasteful spending, and desire to stay in power by building an outdated  system of cronyism.  Members feel the pain daily from Fred Zuckerman's leadership

I am running to end wasteful spending, restore a democratic system, end cronyism, and put members in the driving seat to fight for their strong contracts.   

I am asking for your Vote this December and to join me to bring "Real Change" to Teamster  Local 89.